Every year, HUNDREDS of people - construction workers and civilians - are killed due to highway/street work zones.

That's the reason MDOT has rounded up other agencies for "National Work Zone Awareness."

Let's face it - we need to be aware of work zones...how many times have we seen morons plowing through work zones without slowing down? Sure, work zones can be a pain-in-the-can for all of us but the alternative is worse: ya wanna ruin your car's alignment on unfixed potholes and spend X amount of $$ getting your vehicle fixed? Ya wanna wind up in a hospital or send someone else because of reckless, selfish driving?

Thought not.

So, bottom line: YES work zones are bothersome to us drivers. YES we need to safely acknowledge them anyway because, HEY - better to get our crappy roads fixed than continually ruining our vehicles, right?

Find out more about Work Zone Awareness Week at WILX.com by CLICKING HERE.

And give those construction guys a "thumbs-up" when ya drive by...they could use the positivity!