Going to Woolworth's on the weekend - or for holiday shopping - was an experience that can't be duplicated anywhere nowadays.

Woolworth's was simple...and great not just for mom and dad but for kids.

We kids enjoyed going for the toys, the lunch counter for burgers & Cokes, the comic books and magazines, the vast varieties of candies & snacks and for the exploration. So, while mom and pop were there to save some bucks, the kids could stay occupied with the simple wonders that only kids could appreciate.

Sitting at the Woolworth's lunch counter having a burger and a Coke is embedded in the memories of many childhoods. I recall going there and buying Dennis The Menace and MAD paperback books...it was a great place for kids!

Most major Michigan cities had their own Woolworth's...no matter which one you visited, you must have had a ball.

“Downtown” used to be THE place to go no matter where you lived. Now, thanks to what city planners call “progress”, downtowns aren't as enjoyable as they used to be.

To find out more about F.W. Woolworth and the founding of the stores, CLICK HERE.

Take a look at the photos below and re-live your childhood once again.



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Detroit Wolverines, 1880s

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