The photo gallery below hopefully depicts the fun it was going to Woolworth’s on the weekend – or for holiday shopping. It was an experience that can’t be matched...especially for kids.

Woolworth’s was simple…and great not just for kids, but for mom and dad.

We kids enjoyed going for the toys, the lunch counter for burgers & Cokes, the comic books and magazines, the vast varieties of bulk candies & snacks and for the exploration. So, while mom and pop were there to save some bucks, the kids could stay occupied with the simple wonders that only kids could appreciate.

Which one did you visit?
The Jackson Woolworth’s was located at 165 West Michigan Avenue.
The Lansing Woolworth’s was located in the 200 block of South Washington Avenue.

Maybe you visited both…either way, you musta had a ball.

Downtown was where everyone wanted to go…that is, until the wrong people took over and pushed the simple pleasures aside to make way for (what they called) “progress.”

Check out the photo gallery below (not the greatest quality pictures, but they're still worth a look).

Read this article from on the history of Woolworth’s HERE.…and re-live your childhood once again.

I wonder if Woolworth's can make a comeback?


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