The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is preparing to track the number of wolves in the northern portion of the Lower Peninsula, according to the Associated Press.

The survey was announced Monday.  It will run from February 16 until March 13, it will track how many wolves are in this region of Michigan.  If a resident sees a wolf or wolf track they can report the sighting to the DNR online.

In the early portion of the 1990s wolves began to return to the Upper Peninsula via Canada and Wisconsin.  The population of this majestic animal has increased since they began returning.  With an increase in numbers the population is also expanding territory.

According to Jennifer Kleitch, a DNR wildlife biologist, ""the probability of observing an actual wolf or its tracks in the Lower Peninsula is low."  She believes that "it's helpful to have as many eyes as possible looking." That is why the DNR are asking Michiganders to report sightings.