This year marks the 70th anniversary of WLNS Channel 6!

They went on the air as WJIM-TV on May 1, 1950, and changed call letters to WLNS in 1984.

If you grew up in the Mid-Michigan area, you may recall some of the old programs on WJIM-TV6 (now known as WLNS).

Channel 6 had a good handful of local TV shows: kiddie programs, sports, cooking shows, and news programs. My favorite was The Al E. Khatt was a kid's program but many adults watched it to catch all the in-jokes and 'over-the-kids-heads' humor.

This post is not intended to be a history of the old WJIM-TV6, but rather a gallery of some of the old local programs that many Michiganders grew up watching.

Nowadays there are hardly any, except for news & sports. So take a look at the gallery below, and make sure you pass this on to the older members of your family who might remember...and Happy 70th Anniversary to WLNS!


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