The isolate Michigan town of Wisner came to being in 1861 within the area now known as Tuscola County.

By 1864 the town had grown to a population of 98.

The 1870 census showed a population of 165.

A post office was established in late 1871 (with postmaster Henry H. Gilbert) and closed on May 31, 1905.

By 1874 the population was up to 190 (along with 56 horses and 78 cows).

There were 28 farms by 1882, producing tons of corn, hay, and wheat. There were also four schoolhouses to accommodate 25 children.

On the northwest corner of the intersection stood the old Wisner Hotel. A grocery/general store was on the south corner until a fire destroyed it in 1980.

Today, there doesn't seem to be any shops in Wisner: no restaurants, party stores, gas stations, bars, grocers.....except for an auto parts shop just a few feet west of the intersection and the Log Cabin Grocery store about a mile west. But Wisner is worth your attention to remember that this is an historic place that was once a bustling little town back in the day.


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