We all know that winter is in full swing and that also means certain winter themed products are harder to come by.

With all this cold weather in the midst of a pandemic, we need to be prepared for any possible storms.

According to the Detroit Free Press, you can still find some sought after products like snowshoes, shovels, and patio heaters.

Through research of current shopping trends and reliable retailers, here are several items that are selling out this winter:

1. Snowshoes. I don't own any snowshoes. This typically less popular winter activity has exploded this season as people seek something to do so they're not stuck inside all day.

2. Air purifiers. Air purifiers have sold out a few times this year and are still quite popular as people are trying to make their homes more comfortable.

3. Sleds. Sledding is still one of those activities you can do in the winter and it gets the kids out of the house.

4. Snow shovels. It doesn't seem like snow shovels are hard to find here in Michigan, but a lot of the country is knee deep in snow and many are scrambling to get one.

5. De-icers. Preventing your driveway from getting too slick is critical in the winter, which are why de-icers are trending on Google Trends.

6. Snowsuit onesies. Believe it or not, snowsuit onesies are back in style as people are hitting the slopes for some socially distanced fun.

7. Space heaters. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Space heaters are always a popular product to keep the less heated areas of your home nice and toasty. (Detroit Free Press)

8. Ice scrapers. Ice on your windshield often causes you to run late in the winter. You can't see through the ice and you can't drive with it on your windshield.

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