Weather forecasters and power utility companies are warning of an upcoming storm that could cause major power outages and horrible driving conditions for Mid Michigan.

The Winter Storm Warning is in effect for our area starting at 1am tomorrow morning (Saturday) and could bring snow, ice and sleet. The Weather Channel is saying that up to 3 inches of snow and sleet is possible with ice accumulations on top of that.

The Board of Water and Light already has crews ready on stand by, and if this storm is as bad as being predicted, BWL also has crews from other areas ready to help Mid Michigan if the ice storm knocks out power.

If areas of Mid Michigan do lose power due to the looming ice storm, be prepared. Have bottles of water on hand along with candles and batteries for your flashlights.

The storm that will be bringing the rain, changing to ice and sleet in our area will dump plenty of snow in Northern Michigan.

Plan ahead so your family has what it needs, and right now it looks like staying off the roads this Saturday into Sunday is the best thing to do.

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