Could someone please explain to me how someone who recently purchased a winning lottery ticket has no idea whatsoever that they've won thousands and thousands of dollars.

I don't get it. If I purchase a lucky winning lottery ticket, I'm not only going to check it, but I'm going to check out the numbers several times to see if I'm a winner.

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

CHARLOTTE - A winning Lucky For Life lottery ticket sold in Charlotte is tied to a $25,000 a year prize for life and has not yet been claimed. The ticket was sold at ABC Liquor, 311 Lansing St., and won in the Friday drawing with the numbers 02-10-28-30-44.

That's why I can't believe that someone has not claimed their winnings yet. We're talking about $25,000 a year prize for life. This is so awesome, so why hasn't anyone come forward yet.

By the way, who ever has the winning lottery ticket, has to claim their prize within a year of the most recent drawing.

The winner has two choices when it comes to claiming their annual $25,000 prize. They can either take it as a lump sum of 390,000 or receive $25,000 for 20 years or life.

Talk about rolling in the dough. If you're still employed, you can keep working and take the lump son and maybe buy a nice cottage somewhere by a beautiful Michigan lake.

Or perhaps you could buy yourself a brand new vehicle and pay off a few bills. And one more thing, plan a nice vacation to somewhere you've always wanted to go. Just call it your dream vacation destination.

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