If you ever find a $500 bill, keep that thing safe, it's worth a lot more than $500. The old-fashioned bills featuring President William McKinley are incredible collectibles, but not much for spending. So should you win a pocketful of $500s from the Michigan Lottery, expect some nice fat Benjamins to spend.

You can win all this month with Full of $500s from the Michigan Lottery.

How to Win

Listen to WFMK each Wednesday in March for your chance to win Full of $500s. Listen in the morning with Danny and Monica and as your workday wraps up with John Robinson for the touchtones, your cue to call, and the chance to put up to $500,000 in your bank account.

About Full of $500s

10X the Cash is the new $5 instant ticket from the Michigan Lottery featuring 15 chances to win up to $500,000. That means fun with every scratch.
Check out the ticket:

full of 500s michigan lottery
Michigan Lottery

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