Even though we were all sad to see the Red Cedar Grill close down in Williamston last January, it was a very well known restaurant that ran a pretty good business for over 20 years.

But as you know, sometimes things change in the restaurant business where one business closes and another one opens.  And sometimes a new restaurant opens in the same building that was formerly occupied by another restaurant.

That's exactly what's happening in July at the former Red Cedar Grill in Williamston.  The new place will be called "Zynda's."

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

Zynda, a Williamston resident who spent over five years building a following for his East Lansing-based food truck, Zynda BBQ and Smoke Shack, has been reimagining it since.

I really like this idea.  Zynda's will be in this 100 year old building that was once occupied by Red Cedar Grill.

I just drove through Williamston yesterday on Father's Day and saw a sign that reads:

"Est. 2020, Zynda's Food & Drink"

And from what I could tell just by driving by the place is that it looks like it will be ready for business starting in July.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

When the doors open in early July, customers can expect to get something different, a renovated look and a new menu that highlights barbecue, Southwestern flavors and American classics.

That sounds really good.  So when they say barbecue, then I would say it's safe to expect ribs and pulled pork.  If that's on the menu at Zynda's come July, you'll most likely find me there eating pulled pork and drinking a few drafts from Zynda's full bar.

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