Everyone has their New Years Eve/New Years day traditions.  What are some of yours? Buzzfeed is a great place to find lists and this one is New Years Traditions around the world.  Everything from wearing pink or yellow underwear to writing a wish, burning it, then dropping it into your champagne glass and drinking it.  Click here to see more.

Our tradition at the Love house is to "Bite the Cake", we bake a cake, preferably the color of the year.  This year the color is Marsala, which is not an easy one, but at midnight we pass the cake around and everyone takes a bite.  This happens while we are all beating on pots and pans and beating the knight on the front porch...yes there is a knight on the front porch.  Fortunately most of the neighbors are with us, so we are not really annoying anyone.  I wish you the very best in 2015!

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