I finally saw "Wicked" for the very first time Thursday night (Nov. 10).

So many people I know have already seen it, and many of them have seen it numerous times...but this was new for me.

Having watched the 1939 version of "The Wizard Of Oz" ever since it started showing on TV back in the 1950's, "Wicked" is a welcome view. It has twists and turns the uninformed don't expect. It gives insights to what made the characters the way they were.

Is the Wicked Witch really all that wicked?
And is the Good Witch the saint she's cracked up to be?

It also tells you the origins of not just the Wicked Witch of the West, but her sister the Wicked Witch of the East, Glinda the Good Witch, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow.

It begins way before Dorothy existed, touches on some parts of "The Wizard Of Oz" filmstory and winds up with an ending with no less than a few surprises.....the storyline of "Wicked" succeeds with a perfect arc from beginning to end.

I was actually blown away with the harmonies of the cast during the first half...there's a real WOW of a final note in one of the numbers that really opened my eyes in admiration.

The deep shade of emerald green in the second Act (after the intermission) is so absorbing, you may be distracted from what the actors are doing onstage, just to stare at that color...it's mesmerizing.

Do I recommend seeing it? I definitely do, 1,000%. It's especially entertaining if you know the 'Wizard of Oz' story, but if you came from another planet and you don't, you'll still enjoy the show. See the stage show and then watch the 1939 movie when you get home. You'll NEVER watch it in the same way again.

"Wicked" is now playing at the Wharton Center thru November 27. Find out more details and Wharton Center ticket info by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks to Bob Hoffman and all the others at the Wharton for bringing it back!