It's the show we've all been waiting to see at the Wharton Center.  "Wicked" is finally here in East Lansing.  This wildly popular musical will be performed 24 times through Nov. 27.

If you saw a caravan of semi trucks driving into town Monday, it was probably the 13 trucks that haul the sets, costumes, sound systems and other paraphernalia to the Wharton Center for a three week run.

Worldwide, "Wicked" has grossed an astonishing $3.9 billion and has been seen by nearly 48 million people.  It's the 10th longest running musical in the history of Broadway, according to the touring company's website.

Wharton's Great Hall seats 2,500 compared to the average Broadway theater's capacity of 1000-1500.  Here's more from the Lansing State Journal.