If it seems like the Michigan Wolverines fans in your life are milking their celebrations after University of Michigan Football took down the Ohio State Buckeyes it's because we are...and we absolutely deserve to!

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One Heck of a Season

I remember when Michigan football first got Jim Harbaugh to come in and coach. People were excited, celebrating and anxious to see where he could take the team from there.

Of course, with every team there are years where things don't go as hot but there have been plenty of times the past few seasons, specifically, that people thought it would be the end of the Harbaugh era for UofM.

This season, though, the Wolverines went undefeated until their highly-anticipated game against fellow undefeated rivals, the Michigan State Spartans. It was a good game, with two pretty evenly-matched opponents. We all know how that game ended for the Wolverines, though, and the Spartans sure had their fun after...until their next game against Purdue.

Michigan still proceeded to dominate each team following that game in a season that gave us hope for their matchup against an even bigger rival...Ohio State.

Ohio State's Streak in Michigan

As UofM recovered from their loss against Michigan State, all eyes were on the Spartans when it came to their turn to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

We all saw what happened there, and while it was the rare occasion that the folks in maize and blue root for the ones in green and white, the Spartans got absolutely crushed.

Of course, that meant Michigan had even more to prove just seven days later when they took on the Buckeyes at the Big House.

It had been since 2011 that the Wolverines last defeated Ohio State and each game just became a pill that was harder and harder to swallow.

Personally, my family has a UofM vs. OSU party every year and has since 2006. There have only been a few times we can actually use the champagne our friends would bring to celebrate instead of to drown our sorrows.

That was, until this year.

UofM Won When it Mattered Most

While it was beyond frustrating to watch our team limp away from yet another loss from the Buckeyes year after year and we wished it could have ended differently, this season's win over OSU was sweeter than ever.

Not only did the Wolverines pull off a season with only one loss under their belts, they also were able to FINALLY best the Buckeyes after the Spartans (unfortunately) failed to do so.

All of that combined made it so the Wolverines finished out the regular season with a spectacular season but were also crowned Big Ten East Champions.

They will now go on to face Iowa in the Big Ten Championship game on Saturday, December 4th at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Seeing the Wolverines win against the Buckeyes, surrounded by the friends who had shown up every year for the past ten years and witnessed the same losing streak we had. We cheered, we screamed, we sang, champagne was popped and even our friend's bird he brought got in on the action!

That day, I screamed "HAIL TO THE VICTORS" louder than I have in 10 years and it was so, so beautiful.

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