That's a question I ask myself every day, why is it taking me two years to finish building my deck in the backyard?

The answer is simple: Because I've got ten other jobs going on at the same time.

Working on just one project at a time is like sitting there watching paint dry. I don't like to be bored when I'm working on just one project, that's why I have several going on at the same time.

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This summer I've been working on landscaping projects, drywall projects, painting, and refinishing a sunroom attached to the back of the garage.

And yet our deck still sits there waiting to be finished. So come September, this year, the game plan is for me to start finishing what I started two years ago!

It's not that lumber is so expensive these days or anything like that, I'm just taking my sweet time and planning everything out for my wife and I. (she wants it done NOW)

The framing is all done which is roughly 20 by 20 if you measure from all sides. Next we plan on putting down Trex composite decking which will last for many years because there is no maintenance to be done.

So once I screw in the Trex boards with my screw gun, then I can start putting up the railings all around our deck and then we will be ready for entertaining.

At one point my wife and I talked about hiring a pro to finish the job but I said that would cost even more money so I will just do it myself. (Lol)

The biggest reason we want to get this done soon is because we really enjoy barbeques and family get togethers. And let's face it, there's nothing more relaxing than hanging out on a new deck, playing music, and eating really good food.

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