The White River Light Station Museum is along the shore of Lake Michigan, 18 miles north of Muskegon.

It was originally a lighthouse, constructed in 1875, served by its first lighthouse keeper, Captain William Robinson. Capt. Robinson died on April 2, 1919, at the age of 87 and is said to be the spirit that currently haunts the building.

Ever since the lighthouse duties ceased and it began life as a museum, there have been claims of an 'unexplained presence' on the premises.

A former museum curator said she would occasionally hear footsteps going up and down the staircase around 2-4 am. But the footsteps are not made by Captain Robinson alone...the spirit of his wife, Sarah, is said to walk with him.

Another time, the curator was dusting when she stopped to take care of something else. When she returned to finish dusting, the job had been something. She has been quoted as saying, "we definitely have something that makes itself known not in the physical form. It's benevolent."

The museum is open and you can check hours and dates by clicking the link above.

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