If you're ready to go shopping on Black Friday, WalletHub has done a public service by examining 22 of the nation's biggest retailers on 5,525 discounts they offer on a variety of products.

JC Penney comes in first with a whopping 65 percent price discount on average, followed by Macy's at 54 percent, Rite Aid at 53 percent, Meijer at 51 percent, and Sears at 50 percent.

In terms of individual products, Sears ranks number one on apparel and accessories with a 69 percent average savings.  Office Depot and Office Max offer the best discounts on computers and phones.

Macy's is tops when it comes to consumer electronics at 65 percent discounts.  JC Penney's beats everyone else in appliances at 50 percent savings while Kohl's Black Friday discounts on toys average 48 percent.

In terms of the most discounted categories, jewelry is first at 58 percent, followed by books, movies and music, apparel and accessories and consumer packaged goods.  Computers and phones finished last among ten categories at 30 percent.