In your own opinion, where can you find the top cheeseburger in Michigan? This one is tough to answer because Michigan has countless burger joints with delicious mouth watering cheeseburgers to sink your teeth into.

Can I also add that I can grill up a delicious tasting cheeseburger on my personal grill at home. We spice it up with all kinds of ingredients, add the cheese and then we're good to go.

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If you had to take a guess, what place in Michigan serves up the best tasting cheeseburger around?

Here's the answer according to

In Michigan, Yelp’s top place to get a cheeseburger ended up being Green Dot Stables. Located at 2200 West Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit, this restaurant specializes in sliders. Every burger here is slider sized and there’s usually two dozen of them to chose from on any given night, including its “Mystery Meat” slider.

I have no idea what Green Dot Stables cheeseburgers taste like, but I'm sure they have to be extremely tasty.

I don't know about you but I love cheeseburgers. I really like cheeseburgers from McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, and the Five Guys burger joint in East Lansing.

There's nothing better than a fantastic cheeseburger, big order of fries, and an ice cold beer to wash it all down. This is what I like to eat and drink during Michigan State home football games.

So what's the secret behind Green Dot Stables classic cheeseburger slider? Courtesy of

The classic cheeseburger slider at Green Dot Stables is $2.85 and some people can eat it in just one bite. It consists of Velveeta cheese, grilled onions and pickles. The menu also features fries, salads, soups, desserts, beers and cocktails.

Nothing better than a "Cheeseburger in paradise!"

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