So where are the most expensive homes for sale in Michigan? I can certainly tell you that you won't find them in my neighborhood.

We're talking about homes that are worth millions of dollars. In fact, there are several on the list topping out at over $10 million dollars.

Is there any chance that my wife and I could ever afford a $10 million dollar home in Michigan? Only if we win a huge lottery jackpot!

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I found this really cool website at which lists all of these beautiful expensive homes for sale right here in Michigan.

Before I begin with a few picks from their incredible list, let me just say that our home in Okemos is roughly 1,300 square feet, which my wife and I consider plenty of space for two people.

Here's my first pick from

1. Lake Charlevoix Estate. This home is located on Raspberry Lane in Charlevoix. It's a huge 16,000 square foot mansion right on one of Michigan's inland lakes. This home has over 5 fireplaces, a movie theater, a giant spiral staircase, and so much more. This home is listed for around $12 million dollars.

2. Bloomfield Hills Villa. This home can be found on Turtle Bluff Drive and is going for around $10 million dollars. What's really amazing about this home is that it has an eight car garage with its own built in car wash. This one also has a movie theater for entertaining and so much more. ( a built in car wash is amazing)

Before I give you my 3rd pick, let me just say I would love to spend just one week in any one of these mansions just to say I did it.

Oh yeah, and just one more thing, I did mention my wife and I live in a 1,300 square foot home, that's most likely the size of one of these mansions bathrooms!

3. Bay Harbor Boat House. This gorgeous home is located on W. Beach St. and going for over $9 million dollars. By the way, all five bedrooms in this beautiful home overlooks Lake Michigan. How would you like to wake up every morning with that view? Breakfast in bed would be awesome!

4. Walloon Lake Colonial. Located on Indian Garden Rd. in Petoskey, this home is going for just around $8 million dollars. My wife and I actually saw this home and let me tell you this, spectacular home for sale. By the way, the porch alone covers the entire distance of the home. It's massive and worth the trip to Petoskey.

These are just a few of my favorite picks from Just go to this website and see them for yourself.

It was really fun checking out all of these really expensive homes for sale in Michigan. By the way, wouldn't you like to know what people do for a living to be able to actually afford any one of these Michigan mansions?

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