Before I get started, you have to know by now that Michigan is a beautiful state to live in.  There are so many places that you could call home in our Great Lakes state.

According to, even Popular Science magazine has given it a seal of approval by noting that Michigan will be the best place to live in America by the year 2100.

Michigan has it all, adds from millions of acres of forests, to thousands of miles of scenic trails, golf courses and ski areas, 100 parks and recreation areas less one, and close to 10 million acres of public land.

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Get our free mobile app came up with 15 Best Places to Live in Michigan, let's take a look at the top 5:

1.  Ann Arbor.  The 130 mile Huron River lies in Ann Arbor.  The area is also known for its nature areas and bountiful parks, a vibrant economy, low crime, regular festivals and free outdoor music.  What's not to love!  (

2.  Okemos.  Not only my home town, but Okemos was another Michigan city that appeared in a separate 2017 list by Niche, coming in at #4 in the Best Places to Live in America. also tells us that the quality of life is excellent and housing is way cost effective.

3.  East Grand Rapids.  Another beautiful place to live. tell us that the suburb of 11,000 residents is known for its excellent everything.  Some of the best schools in the state, steady, high paying job market with median household income averaging $112,000.

4.  Birmingham.  According to, more than three quarters of the residents in Birmingham are college educated.  And they earned a decent wage, averaging $108,135 per household annually.  The city is safer than 83% of all American cities.

5.  Beverly Hills.  We're not referring to California either, Michigan also happens to have its own version of Beverly Hills. adds that the village is speckled with numerous stately craftsman properties, with plenty of Cape Cod style homes and Colonial style houses.

There are so many great attributes when it comes to our Great Lakes state.  The hard part is trying to decide where to live in Michigan. has more choices to help you with your decision.

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