When it comes to spring and summer, there's nothing better than sitting outdoors on a beautiful restaurant patio in the Greater Lansing area.

It's all about good food, drinks, conversation, and the sun beating down on our faces along with getting plenty of fresh air.

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Where are the best outdoor dining spots in Greater Lansing?

One of them for sure is the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing. It's right in the middle of downtown East Lansing where you can see MSU's campus.

I love going to the Peanut Barrel for their delicious sandwiches. You can't beat their turkey or tuna sandwich. Both with lettuce and both on whole wheat bread.

Take a look for yourself, courtesy of peanutbarrel.com.

Another place my wife and I like is El Azteco East. An incredible Mexican restaurant in East Lansing that's been open since 1976.

El Azteco's food is so delicious and the upstairs outdoor patio is awesome. We like to go there and order a combination platter along with a few margaritas on a warm summer's day. It's the best!

Take a look at their menu and see if you can get through it without your mouth watering. Elazteco.net.

Another one of our favorite restaurants for outdoor patio dining is Stillwater Grill in Okemos.

Stillwater is located at the corner of Jolly and Okemos roads and has a nice outdoor patio set up. My wife and I really enjoy being outside on the patio all summer long. You can't beat their Fish 'N Chips!

Let's take a look at the menu at stillwatergrill.com.

There are so many Greater Lansing area restaurants with excellent outdoor patios. The Lansing State Journal has a few more ideas to share.

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