The holidays are fast approaching and that means beautiful Michigan Christmas Light Displays in 2021.

This is a holiday tradition to take advantage of. There's nothing better than taking a nice holiday drive with your family to look at incredible Christmas light displays here in Michigan.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

Wild lights.

Holiday nights at Greenfield Village

Christmas lite show

Sparkle in the park

These are all great destinations to see incredibly beautiful Christmas light displays before we ring in the new year.

According to they have come up with the ultimate guide to Michigan light displays. For example:

1. Wild lights. No play on words here, just nothing but gorgeous Christmas lights for the whole family to enjoy. This is held at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak. You will really enjoy the artworks of many of the zoo's animals. Wild lights runs from Nov. 20 through Jan. 3.

2. Holiday nights at Greenfield Village. Have I ever been to Greenfield Village during the holiday season? No, but I plan on being there this year. Greenfield Village is such an exciting place to visit in Dearborn. Not only do they feature great history, but they string lights all across their historic buildings that you and your family will really appreciate.

3. Light up the Soo. If you're a fan of the Upper Peninsula, then you will really enjoy the festive holiday lights at Sault Ste. Marie. Every single year, the town is decorated with the most beautiful holiday colors.

4. Wayne County Light Fest. Why leave your vehicle when you don't have to. This is an amazing Christmas light show that features thousands of lights. You know what makes this drive so special? It features over four miles of Hines Drive with 100,000 lights and close to 50 animated displays. (

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