The late, great Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Clay) visited the MSU campus a few times to great reception.

The link I've included from the Lansing State Journal shows articles depicting Ali's visits to East Lansing...and to his home in Berrien Springs.

Ali began his career in the early 1960's being known as a colorful loudmouth braggart, never cursing, but bringing more & more publicity to himself every week...and it worked. Over the years, Ali morphed into a hero for all ages...a caring humanitarian who was faced with his own personal health problems.

I wish I had been fortunate enough to have met him at least once.

Luckily, he'll be remembered more for his championship career and humanitarian side...NOT for his early bragging.

CLICK HERE to see those LSJ articles from 16 years ago and read about Ali's visits to MSU...and remember him for all the good things.