I just read an article that talked about kids PJ's with QR codes on them, so you could scan the jammies and have childrens stories come up on your smart phone or tablet...Amazing!  I haven't added anything new since I added Solitaire Classic, which is way too addictive.  My all time favorite is Dropbox, I have it on my phone and have it set up that all my pictures automatically load to dropbox so I can bring my pictures up on my phone and any computer.  Have you tried any of the Pet Apps for your tablet? I would definately be remiss if I didn't mention Radio Pup which is where you can listen to WFMK on your phone or tablet. I am still a fan of "Out of Milk" a great grocery app, Evernote, which I use to chronicle my attempts at sewing and crafts.  I am convinced if I can see what I did wrong is words and pictures that I will get better, hmm, we'll see.  What's your favorite?