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Why people feel the need to get naked in public is beyond me.

Earlier this week, there was the story of the 'gentleman' who was working out in the nude at a Planet Fitness.  He also felt the need to parade around and do several yoga poses.  Why did he feel the need to do this (usually this is when alcohol is mentioned), he claimed that since Planet Fitness called themselves a 'Judgement free zone" he should be free to parade around naked.  Planet Fitness, its members and the local police disagreed.

Then today I see this story out of Tennessee.  Police were called to a McDonalds where they found a male subject who locked himself in the women's bathroom.  The 25 year old male was said to be erratic and was also doing jumping jacks in the women's bathroom, and yes he was naked.

So just a quick FYI......Please keep your clothes on and your body covered.

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