Here's the question of the day, what's the dumbest thing you've ever done?  It's safe to say that at one time or another, we've all done something we would describe as dumb.

For example, just yesterday I decided to wash my car by hand in the driveway.  So, I got out the bucket, car soap, and the hand glove that I use every time I wash my car.

At this point I filled up the bucket with soap and water and began washing the car from top to bottom.  As I moved from the driver's side of the vehicle to the passenger side, I didn't realize I left the passenger door window half way down while I was washing the car and rinsing it off.

As I was washing the right side of the vehicle, I picked up the hose to rinse off the soap and not realizing what was going on at the time, I sprayed the hose right into the front seat of the car, drenching everything inside including the windshield, seats, steering wheel and the front dash.

I quickly grabbed some rags and started wiping everything off that got wet inside the car.  I couldn't stop laughing at myself for doing such a dumb thing!