When someone asked me today what I would do with a one thousand dollar windfall,  my mind took off in about a million different directions. So I gave it some thought and came up with an list (that I will probably change over and over).

I would love to go to the Florida Keys..sunshine and warm weather is my thing.

Go on a flower buying binge at Lansing Gardens.

I would buy shoes, purses, shoes, purses, shoes, purses...

I would love to see our local food pantry stocked up to the brim.

I have always wanted to book out a movie theater and invite all my friends.

That is my list, not super exciting but it is what I would do.

You could be thinking about how to spend one thousand dollars of Danny and Monica's Money. Three times a day we give you a code word. Take that code word and enter it through our  app, it's that simple.

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Danny and Monica's Money could be yours.

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