Once called the "World's Largest Hairball," this oddity has not been seen for years.

This giant hairball was removed from the gut of a butchered cow and was a little larger than the size of a basketball; it was put on display by the Animal Science Dept. in Anthony Hall and removed & stored away in 1997. Since then, it's supposedly been on brief display from time-to-time but not for long periods.

When asked about it's whereabouts, current students are clueless at what-the-heck you're talking about. Even so - in whatever storage facility it may be residing - it's no longer the World's Largest; there are claims of larger ones that were found in cows in Kansas and Indiana.

So where is this famous hairball now?

If your curiosity gets the better of you, ask an MSU museum staff member to take you to where you can privately view it...it's supposedly still on site. Somewhere.

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