Here's a question that's been on every parent's mind since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic: When will K-12 students return to in-person learning?

According to the Lansing State Journal, at this point, individual districts have their own criteria for returning.

For example: Some school districts will look to move quickly, like Leslie Public Schools. They just started their in-person classes this week. St. Johns Public Schools could bring its students back to their classrooms as soon as Jan. 11.

Other schools are using caution by pushing back their return to in-person learning, like Waverly Community Schools. Waverly is targeting March 1 for their return.

COVID-19 ultimately will determine when the returns will be.

Lansing School District officials will wait to complete a survey weighing whether families want to return to in-person learning and will consider current COVID-19 data before making a decision. (LSJ)

Officials will begin making return to in-person learning plans no later than Jan. 29, keeping school completely virtual until they deem it safe to return for in-person classes.

Let's take a look at a few other local area schools:

Haslett Public Schools will begin bringing kindergarten through sixth graders back for in-person classes no sooner than Jan. 19, with the rest of the students starting on Jan. 25.

Holt Public Schools could be back to in-person learning by Feb. 22.

Okemos Public Schools might not return until after the first semester ends on Jan. 22.

Officials will wait for specific metrics to be hit before bringing students back for in-person classes including COVID-19 case positivity rates in Ingham County at or below 3% and with low, steady or declining case numbers, among other metrics. (LSJ)

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