You've probably heard the term before, maybe you're actually sick of hearing about it, but as our society collectively gets more "woke" let's talk about where we here in Michigan rank.

Look, I personally hate the term or, I guess, the connotation around the word "woke."

If you are unfamiliar, "woke" is defined as "alert to injustice in society, especially racism."

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I think it really started out as a way to just get people to realize that words have power and they should be held accountable with the consequences of questionable actions.

Honestly, it's pretty safe to say that most of us don't enjoy using slurs to purposely hurt other people's feelings. However, have we hit a point where woke-ness has gone too far?

Many people will probably run with the sentiment that "snowflakes" are taking over and that "you can't say anything anymore without someone being offended." While I agree with the latter, I mean it more in the sense that you absolutely cannot please everyone and why should you try when some of those people are so committed to being negative and miserable?

Well, in terms of where the most "woke" people are concentrated, Zippia decided to compare all 50 states across six different factors of "woke-ness" to find out.

Unsurprisingly, Oregon was dubbed the "Most Woke State" and as far as Michigan goes, we come in just shy of the top 10 at good ol' number 12.

Like I said, I really think being "woke" has the most pure intentions and "woke" people really just want to make the world a better place where everyone can exist in a way that does not directly or indirectly harm others.

However, if you are the type to think that "comedy is dead" or "nothing can be funny anymore" or think "cancel culture is a waste of time", you may want to just look within at the reasons you enjoyed those things or people in the first place.

Do whatever you want, but also just keep in mind that sometimes if your entertainment or just your vocabulary in general is rooted in blatantly, blindly offending others people might not like you too much for it.

There is a difference between being a blunt, "no filter" kind of person and just using the guise of comedy to be nasty.

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