I love movie theaters.  I've been going to movie theaters ever since I was eight years old.  My mom took me to the Michigan theater in downtown Lansing to watch a Christmas movie and ever since, I've been hooked!

Some of us remember the Michigan theater, Spartan triple theaters, and even the Lansing Drive-in.  All of these theaters are long gone.  But there are many theaters up and running right here in Michigan.

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According to bestthingsmi.com, let's check out some of the best movie theaters in Michigan:

1. Emagine Royal Oak.  Even though I've never been to this theater, bestthingsmi.com has it on the list as the 2015 runner up for Detroit City voter's best theater in the area.  This is not just a movie theater, Emagine Royal Oak features a luxury bowling facility and two restaurants.

2.  Capri Drive-In.  Everybody knows where the Capri Drive-in is, Coldwater, Michigan.  Bestthingsmi.com tells us that the Capri holds the distinction of being one of USA Today's 10 Best Drive-Ins in America as of 2001 listings, and has been operating for over 50 years.

3.  Charlevoix Cinema III.  According to bestthingsmi.com, this movie theater has been open since 1996.  Always showing the latest in Hollywood fare.  They offer discount prices every Wednesday and absolutely no ads before showtime.

4.  Elk Rapids Cinema.  This is a small town favorite.  Another one on the list at bestthingsmi.com.  Elk Rapids offers some terrific moviegoing options and it also boasts what's described as the world's largest black light ceiling mural.  Offering the look and feel of an old style movie theater.

If you would like to take a look at more of the best movie theaters in Michigan, just click on any one of the above links and enjoy!

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