Beaverton is a quiet, sleepy, but cool little town smack dab in central Michigan...and they have their own radio station, WMRX.

But at one time, the station call letters were WGEO, from 1979 to 1983, when the call letters were changed.

So, what's so haunted about it?

Back when it was still known as the AM station WGEO, they bought a repossessed mobile home to use due to their increasing need for office space. Shortly after the purchase and the offices were settled in, strange things began happening in the back 'bedroom.' Yeah, it was the usual stuff that gets blamed on ghosts, like bumps, thuds, & creaks, lights and other electrical equipment going on and off and blasts of cold air in the hallway.

When I first heard about this I thought:'s a used mobile home, things are probably falling apart causing noises, the electrical system could be old & shorting out, holes or bad ventilation could cause the cold blasts.....but an apparition began appearing. It was the figure of a child in a yellow jacket.

Then, the radio station manager began hearing disembodied voices telling her to hurt herself. That was enough. The staff decided to contact the company from which they bought the mobile home and see if they could divulge any info or history on the place.

But no information was forthcoming; the radio staff got the impression that the company knew EXACTLY what happened inside the mobile home but they either couldn't or wouldn't tell the staff anything about it.

The incidents kept recurring, so WGEO's next step was to attempt an exorcism. They contacted a Beaverton church but even THEY refused to help. Something was amiss in that place that no one wanted to help with. So nothing was ever done.

WGEO changed their call letters to WMRX and they are still in operation to this day. The station is located a couple of miles west of Beaverton on Lang Road.

Visit sometime and find out if occurrences are still happening.

Aside from the spooky tale, Beaverton is a nice place to visit when you take a Michigan roadtrip!



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