Any born and bred Michigander, or anyone who has lived in the state for more than a week knows the 'Michigan Hand Map." If you live in the Lower Peninsula, your left hand is a near-perfect facsimile for the state's mitten shape. And Yoopers even have an approximation with the left hand for the Upper Peninsula.

We didn't think any other state could pull off a hand map, and after seeing someone try with West Virginia, we stand by that statement.

The West Virginia Hand Map made an appearance on a recent episode of Family Feud (Season 22, Episode 50). When host Steve Harvey goes to greet the new family, the matriarch mentions they're from West Virginia and proceeds to whip out her hand Michigan-style, point down around her wrist and say, 'we're from here, Welch, on the Kentucky border." We'd love to show you a video of this moment, but alas, the Feud doesn't have any available.

Assuming you too have seen West Virginia on a map, you'll surely agree it doesn't look much like a mitten.

Researching a bit, it turns out there is at least one other attempt out there at trying to do a West Virginia Hand Map. It appears to involve a bit of hand contortion, and giving everyone the middle finger, but it makes a passable-ish West Virginia.

One Mountaineer who commented on Instagram did attempt to throw some shade at the iconic Michigan map:

I've been using this since I moved here! Poor Michigan, only looks like a mitten.

Before we leave the subject of contorted hand maps, you can do that here in Michigan. It is possible to make a fairly accurate map of the city of Detroit with your hand with your fingers approximating for the main radial streets emanating from Campus Martius Park downtown.

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YouTuber Wolters World gives some travel don'ts when visiting the Mountain State. We'll and one he leaves off, don't try to show anywhere when you traveled in WV with your hand.

So we know there's only one state in the Union that can pull off a hand map, but we've counted lots of things you can find across the country. Check them out.

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