WOW. WOW. DOUBLE WOW. I can't believe there are actually people this stupid out there...people in places of respectability that completely blow their credibility with something so idiotic, it sounds made up.

A school teacher told his students they would get extra credit if they went through their parents' bedroom dresser drawers and took selfies adult "things" they found.

Can you believe this?

Some parents want this guy canned and the school administrators say they are "investigating" while the teacher remains employed.

You would think with all the "Political Correctness sensitivity" out there (some warranted, some not), a guy in a position of authority & respectability would be adverse from doing something this idiotic, whether it's a joke or not.

To further read this "waaayyyy-out-there" story - and to find out the "things" he was suggesting the kids take a selfie with - CLICK HERE.

And make sure you ask YOUR kids how their school day went.