I like to think that I am not superstitious, that being said, if I spill salt you better believe I am immediately throwing some over my left shoulder. Stepping on cracks, okay I try not to pay too much attention to that one, but I do not want to be responsible for breaking my Mom's back.

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When you clink your drink glasses for a 'cheers' moment, always make eye contact and it is apparently bad luck if you are toasting with water.` Speaking of bad luck, you have probably heard that if you open an umbrella indoors it brings bad luck, well apparently it's also bad luck if you whistle indoors. Supersititlation says that if you whistle indoors you are calling out to 'little devils', we don't want that.

Got an itchy nose? Well, some say that means bad news is on the way. Itchy hands? If your left hand itches, it means you will be paying out money soon. but if it is your right hand that itches, you will have money coming your way soon.

Mirrors have always figured into superstitions.  Break a mirror, it's 7 years of bad luck, Russian folklore says that when you break a mirror you release evil spirits into your home.  If you have two mirrors facing each other, you have opened a door to hell and the devil.

A superstition from the United States and the United Kingdon says, don't buy a baby stroller until you have given birth.  Apparently, that is bad luck.  I had always heard that you should never give away the baby's crib, if you do you will get pregnant.  So, I kept the baby crib, and surprise, I got pregnant.

 Don't laugh when a hearse goes by, or you will be the next to die.  In the Philippines, they warn against going directly home after a funeral. The superstition says that you will carry bad spirits into your home, so you need to stop somewhere first to 'shake off the dust', a bar works well for that.

Keep your keys off the table.  In Sweden, a prostitute would put their keys on the table to signal that they were available for business back in the day. Nowadays it is just considered rude to do that.

It is considered to be good luck in Russia if a bird poops on you, In France, it's good luck to step in dog poo on the sidewalk.

Beware of Friday the 13th. What is the problem with 13? Anthropologists point out the Jesus was crucified on a Friday, Was it Friday the 13th? That would explain a lot. In Italy, it's  Friday the 17th that is an unlucky day, and when in Greece, beware of Tuesday the 13th.

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