Checking out the names of towns across the State of Michigan, and yes, we do have some towns that have very odd names.  For a lot of us we see those names all the time and have never given them much of a second glance, that is until someone new points them out.

I saw this article from "really weird place names", and it talks about 10 weird Michigan town names. It made me think about some weird Michigan town names that I know.

Hell, Michigan is probably the most recognizable of towns with an odd name, and they have made the town a fun destination stop. Hell is also a favorite of Meteorologists, especially during the winter months. Everybody loves to report "when Hell freezes over."

Another Michigan town that has made money and also made themselves a destination stop is Christmas. Christmas is a small town located in the Upper Peninsula, just hang a left at Munising and it's off the shores of Lake Superior. I have friends who drive up to Christmas every year to get that postmark on their Christmas cards, which I have always thought was a pretty cool idea.

Vulcan, Michigan is located in the Upper Peninsula, and has nothing to do with Spock on Star Trek. The town is only 10 miles east of iron Mountain off Highway 2.  I have traveled through the U.P. many times and I have never heard of the town of Vulcan. It's located in Norway township, and I have never heard of that either. Apparently I need to pay better attention on my travels.

Paradise is a small town in the Upper Peninsula located in the north eastern part of the U.P.  The town has become a very popular tourist spot. You can book a stay at one of the Paradise Hotels located in the town. When your friends or co-workers ask you where you went, say "I went to Paradise." Great, but where did you stay?  From there it can quickly spiral into an Abbott & Costello skit.

There is a town called Maybee in Michigan and it is located near Detroit. You can always plan a visit to the town of Climax or stop by Whores Center or Bumbletown, (which sounds like a Nickelodeon cartoon name).  Other fun town names Paw Paw, Rainy Beach,  ruitport and Bunny Run and we can't forget Topinabee, located along the shore of Mullett Lake.

Proving that here in Michigan we not only have the best of the four seasons, but weird town names as well.

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