It really is the biggest one in Michigan: weiner, hot dog, frankfurter, vienna sausage, whatever you wanna call's a monster.

What's the correct way to spell it anyway?

Doesn't matter anyway.

Weinerlicious opened its Mackinaw City doors in 2014, much to the pleasure of tourists.

True, some people don't like hot dogs, others refuse to eat meat...but even these folks enjoy coming here to get some video, pictures, and selfies with the monster weiner.

The main attraction isn't the's the big dog itself, perched atop the building.

It's the biggest one in Michigan, so why not pay a visit? It's located at the corner of E. Central and S. Nicolet streets in Mackinaw City. Stop, grab a dog, and munch away as you cross the Mackinac Bridge on another Michigan roadtrip!


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