Details on this Haunted Michigan location are minimal, but here's what I have.

This old mansion - possibly the largest in Indian Village - was built in 1904 as a single family home. It resides in Detroit's Historic Indian Village, and according to their webpage, is "the only historic neighborhood of more than a block in Detroit with original and historic streetlights".

However, witnesses claim that within that old mansion is some paranormal activity.

The apparition of a woman with dark hair has been seen repeatedly doing the same thing over and over. She weeps while walking down the staircase, enters the butler's pantry and is not seen again until she repeats the exact same action. This ghost has been seen doing the exact same thing for a number of years but no one has been able to interrupt, stop, or distract her.

One tale says it's the ghost of a woman who died in a house fire but so far, no proof.

She is dressed in the elegant style of the early 1900's and she flows whenever she appears.

The mansion's address is 1771 Seminole Street, Indian Village, Detroit. I know there are tours of the village but I'm not sure about the house. It's been up for sale a few times and its residency is unknown at this time.

Maybe there's a reason.

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