A haunting in Webberville? It sure sounds like it.

It seems that the Webberville Village Office may have a playful poltergeist on their hands, as well as a few other 'things.'

Employees have witnessed various objects that move by themselves and re-arrange.
 An obvious sign of the work of a poltergeist.

Not only THAT, but - just like in the movies - an eerie hooded figure has been seen walking through the offices...just like in those 1930's "old dark house" horror movies.

As for what employees have heard, they say they've heard the sounds of someone weeping and other sounds of a kind of giggling...either a woman or little girl. Sometimes the sound of bells ringing can be heard coming from nowhere. When trying to pinpoint where the sounds come from, they shift and change, making it impossible to locate the source.

So here's a Michigan haunt you can go check out without having to go too far.....they might even tell you a few tales of their own! The office is located at 115 S. Main Street, with office hours Monday - Friday  8am - Noon and 1pm – 5pm.

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