Whoever made Mother Nature so angry, could you please call and apologies to her?

Snow is fine, don't get me wrong, but come on, enough is enough.  Looking at the current forecast, I would make sure the snow blower is gassed up.

So we have a winter weather Advisory that goes into effect tonight at midnight, and then it will continue until 1pm on Wednesday.

A mixed bag of winter 'fun' is headed out way.    Freezing rain, then snow, then snow and sleet.   How nice, a little bit of everything.  Up to 3 inches is possible, with that number a bit higher in other areas of the State.

We can even expect rain and snow Tuesday with rain coming in that afternoon.  Wednesday looks like more snow is possible.

Just some reminders for Michigan drivers.....

#1 don't go to fact, I have seen you.   Blowing by other drivers on a slippery road, then about a mile down the road we see your car in a ditch....slide off.

#2  Don't drive so slow that you make those behind you crazy,and they will try and pass you.....look, another slide off.\

When your on the roads, just be careful and cautious.


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