We really just need to get down to the who, what, when, where and why of it all because I don't understand.

Every now and then a decorating trend comes around that is just something that I really don't understand why it was ever a thing.

For example, I love a good inspirational quote on a piece of wood as much as the next person but I never feel like I need one on every single one of my walls.

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Now, though, I think the cutesy stuff has gone too far because the thing people are gravitating towards now is...gnomes.

Yeah, garden gnomes have been a staple in outdoor décor for as long as I can remember but these gnomes are like stuffed animals, they don't have eyes and they really just don't make any sense to me.

Here is just one example of what they are like:

Like I've said I am all for cute things and these started out as a somewhat cute thing to use for Christmas decorations but now I've seen it turn into an outright obsession for some women.

I am part of an "Aldi Nerd" group on Facebook and you would not believe how many pictures and posts of people getting so excited over these little things because there are now plenty out there for Easter and Spring decorating.

Really, this is not to be negative about something simple people enjoy but I just am genuinely confused about where this trend came from and why?

If you ever catch me decorating my home with gnomes, call Dr. Phil or someone because there is something seriously wrong with me...simply because I am more of a vintage, mid-century modern decorator and I'm not having children so the gnomes aren't cute to me, just creepy.

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