It didn't take long Sunday evening for the news of a fire on the island to, well, spread like wildfire. The fire broke out at one of the Mackinac Islands Victorian Era cottages, that we have all strolled by at one time or another.

The fire was reported around 6 PM on Sunday, and it wasn't long before flames were seen shooting through the roof of the three-story cottage. The island is home to these beautiful historic wooden structures, so the island's fire department has to stop the fire from spreading. Sunday's fire at the Brigadoon Cottage was devastating to see. The privately-owned residence had just been opened for the summer season, at this time the cause of the blaze is not yet known.

If you have seen photos of the Brigadoon Cottage and it seems familiar, that is because the residence is located on Main Street and is next to the Yacht Club and near the Island Hotel, across from the marina.

We all know that automobiles are not allowed on Mackinac Island, however, the exception is for emergency vehicles like the fire truck that was used to put out the fire on Sunday.  Mackinaw City and St. Ignace fire departments were called to the island to help, with Sheplers Ferry service transporting the fire equipment and firefighters.

Quick action from the fire department saved the historic structure from being a total loss.

Over 100 years ago tourism began to be the money maker for the island. This is when the upper class began to descend on the island as a summer residence and built their lovely Victorian cottages, which stand to this day. To make a point, their idea of a cottage and mine are totally different.

The fire at the Brigadoon Cottage is not the first fire on the island. Back in 1989, a fire broke out at the LaSalle. The two-story wood structure was where many of the island's employees stayed.  This fire took the lives of two residents. The fire was spotted around 3 AM by police officers who were on patrol. Careless smoking was said to be the reason for the fire.

Thanks to the Mackinac Island Fire Department for their quick response because this fire could have been much worse.

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