The Holiday season is not always candy canes and pretty packages, its also a time for scammers to try and rip you off.

"Black Friday" Marks Launch Of Holiday Shopping Season
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Here are a few ways to avoid being the victim of a scammer.

Fake shipping:  you might get an email telling you that a package for you is on its way.  Be careful before you click, a fake notification may contain a link or attachment that will take you to a site that will then work its way into getting your personal  information.  A good rule of thumb, if you don't remember ordering it...don't open it.

Gift cards can be a great gift, also a scammers dream.  Some scammers will go to a store and write down the number and pin on the back of a card,, then after they see its purchased they can head online and use up the balance.    When purchasing a gift card, make sure that the wrapping has not been disturbed , or the pin number is showing, if it is then put it ba

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