This is one way to get woken up.

A Massachusetts man was laying out by his pool taking a nap when a black bear entered his backyard.  WWLP reports that Matt Bete felt a tapping on his foot and it turns out that it was the bear.

Both were startled to see each other, and luckily the bear took off.

According to WWLP, the Ring doorbell caught the whole encounter on video.

The story even made it to TMZ.

I have to say, Matt seemed to be pretty calm after the whole encounter. From the video, it looks like he picked up his phone to take a picture, instead of screaming and running in the house which is totally what I would have done.

Growing up in the country, it was nothing new to see a bear up on the deck or out back by the garbage bins poking around, but I can't imagine having one come up and tap me on the foot while I was sleeping.

I love that the Ring doorbell was able to catch all the footage. did an article on some of the strange things people found on their Ring video. It included scary clowns, a man licking the doorbell, and even a snake slithering around a doorknob.

Glad this black bear was either full or friendly and everyone is okay.

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