Fantastic News!  You will be able to escape Michigan's cold weather by hoping on Allegiant Air at Flint's Bishop Airport and fly down to Fort Lauderdale Florida.

The airline just announced that they will be kicking off their new seasonal route from Flint and offering fares as low as $50 dollars if you purchase your ticket within the next few days.

Bishop  Airport says that the new route to Fort Lauderdale will depart twice weekly non stop from Flint.

Right now a lot of us are saying, yay its sweater weather and i love the colder weather, but sooner than you think it will be super cold, talking windchills  and snow and boots....yeah, that is when Fort Lauderdale for a few days or longer starts to sound pretty darn good.

The airport says that fares starting at $50 dollars are available, but not on all flights,, and that they are only available through


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