Say what you want about Santa. But I am here to discuss some fundamental truths (ok, opinions) about a very real North Pole, Alaska.

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From a very real conversation I had with a friend just last week, the North Pole does indeed exist. Your letters to Santa do indeed end up there. However, I'd like to take a moment to discuss some very real things about the North Pole that you may not have even known or considered.

It's More About The Chinese Food Than The Elves and Reindeer

I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two. I used to live in Alaska for about ten years (2007 - 2017). I spent a fair amount of that time in Anchorage but also a couple of years in Fairbanks (which is literally right next door to North Pole, Alaska).

Here are some fun truths (and maybe more opinions) about the REAL North Pole in Alaska.

  • It's not at the tippy top of the planet or the state. Most folks think North Pole is at the top of the globe and in the Arctic Circle. Not so much. The northernmost Alaskan city would be Utqiagvik (formerly known as Barrow) and it's located north of the Arctic Circle.
  • It's not even north of Fairbanks. North Pole, Alaska is actually Southeast of Fairbanks.
  • Santa's House is in North Pole, Alaska.
Google Maps
Google Maps
  • Right down Santa Claus Lane is a real thing. In North Pole there is indeed a Santa Claus Lane, a Mistletoe Drive, and a Saint Nicholas Drive. You'll find Santa's House as pictured above at 101 St Nicholas Dr, North Pole, AK 99705.
  • One of the best things in North Pole, Alaska has nothing to do with Santa. As a matter of fact, it's a Chinese Restaurant called The Pagoda. Guy's been there and it's been on Triple D. If you make it there, you simply must have the walnut shrimp. And be warned, the food comes out amazingly fast. Your appetizer will have gotten to your table and almost 2 minutes later your food is there. Great food, great service, huge portions. I never saw Santa there.

So if you ever make it to Alaska, head north to Fairbanks (a six-hour drive from Anchorage or a quick hour flight from Ted Stevens International Airport). Then drive 14 miles southeast to North Pole, Alaska. Come for Santa and the toys, stay for the Chinese food.

You're welcome.

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