Extra's are needed for a Christmas movie that's being shot in the Holly Hotel in Holly, Michigan. 

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The movie industry can be one of the hardest industries to break into, let alone make enough money to support yourself. So if you are in the market to build up a resume this is a perfect opportunity for you! They have about 25 extra roles, and about 3 small speaking roles available (so far). Hey, that's good enough for me!  Especially if this is your first time acting. Smaller the role the better.  Getting accustomed to how films are shot and understanding the long-drawn-out process is vital. Some movies will wait all day just to get the perfect lighting at a certain time of the day. And if you're not accustomed to that, things can drag on forever.

Here's a quick rundown of the movie plot:

Kathy is a big city girl who returns to her small town of Holly, Michigan for Christmas to help her parents run the Historic Holly Hotel.


There she meets Matthew, a charming young member of the Holly Police Department


At first, they aren't so sure of each other, but soon it is clear they are falling in love?


When Kathy's dream job calls her back to NYC, will she go, or will she decide to stay and make a home in Holly?


The plot seems super cheesy but who cares!? It's an opportunity to gain valuable experience. Small movies like this are little pieces of gold on an actor/actress's resume.  Don't let the chance pass you by! Check it out here...

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