According to a study published in European Heart Journal, those who spent two hours walking rather than sitting had waistlines that were three inches smaller on average.The study also found that those who spent less time sitting and more time walking were healthier and had a lower risk of heart disease.

Researchers put activity monitors on 782 men and women for seven days, tracking how long each person laid down, sat, stood or walked.  They also tracked the participants height, weight, blood pressure, waist size and even took note of their sugar, fat and cholesterol levels.

The data revealed that most people spent nine hours, on average, sitting down, which is 60 percent of the time that they're awake.  Those who stood more versus sitting had, on average, lower levels of sugar, fat and cholesterol in the blood, had a thinner waistline.

If people can incorporate alternatives to sitting wherever possible, it may benefit their heart and metabolic health.  Our message is to Stand Up, Sit Less, Move More.

Researchers suggest that those who work in an office should walk around more during office hours and use stand up desks rather than sitting for hours at work stations.