According to WILX, lawmakers are proposing legislation that would install video cameras into the rooms of nursing home residents to help combat the issues of elder abuse.

This is an extremely serious and delicate issue that needs to be dealt with, because over 5 million elders are abused each year.

The bill proposed  would allow a representative for the residents to view and watch the resident through the camera.

Officials from the Health Care Association of Michigan say this bill is an invasion of privacy.

Senator Jim Runestad said videotaping is everywhere so why not allow it in a protective setting?

Although some people said that installing a camera in an elder's room is insulting.

I can understand this completely. There is no privacy what so ever. I wouldn't want a camera installed in my home so that everyone could see what I was doing.

One study suggests that although the occurrence is low, over 50% of nursing home staff have admitted to some form of abuse. That could fall into physical, psychological, sexual, gross neglect, or financial exploitation.

If the bill passes, residents in nursing homes would need to give their permission first in order for a camera to be installed in their room.

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